Kauai is calling you...

Yoga + awakening

This is not your typical yoga festival. This is a SOUL JOURNEY in one of the most magical places on earth. The focused intention of this gathering is full embodiment of a "critical mass" awakening on the planet focused on bringing peace to all of humanity. 

Help us generate coherence with thousands of others meditating together. Group Meditations make a difference, and you can join us in person at this epic power spot many liken to Lemuria or tuning in from your satellite location from anywhere on the planet.

ALOHA features teachers, speakers, artists and vendors committed to awakening humanity.


Discover Kauai

Unify with light-workers from around the world to explore the sacred island of Kauai. Practice Yoga on the gorgeous beach-side festival grounds overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Wailua River, and an ancient Hawaiian sacred site.

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Global Peace Summit