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Resonant allies for peace, culture and community


ALOHA is a non-profit festival in Kauai, one of the most sacred power spots on earth.


ALOHA is inviting resonant organizations and businesses committed to conscious work in the world to become sponsors for this Second year of ALOHA Festival (as well as subsequent years). Sponsors contribute financially, in-kind and spreading the word to uplift this festival and co-create its success!


In addition to receiving a tax deduction for your sponsorship, you will also receive exposure for your business to 100,000+ leaders in the yoga and peacemaking community from Hawaii, the US and internationally.



Sponsorship level 1 ($100 - $300 Value)

  • Listing, logo* and link on the Featured Sponsors page of the website

  • Be featured in one social media post during the September month-long global peace meditation reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers

  • Have your logo* printed on the program

  • 10% discount on tickets and booth space

  • *Please send a high resolution SQUARE image a minimum of 1,500 x 1,500 pixels ideally as    a png (jpg is ok but less ideal as text can blur)


For more information email  kauaialohafest@gmail.com

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