Join with thousands of light workers from around the world

 Kauai is known by many lightworkers to be a major portal and energy vortex for spiritual energy on the earth, the modern-day link to ancient Lemuria.  It's said that Ancient Hawaiians and the Dalai Lama considers Kauai to be where souls enter and leave the earth-plane, and some consider it to be the third eye chakra for the planet. 

Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands, with the majority of the land being untouched by development, and is a power spot with more "mana" (Hawaiian for "life force" - called "prana" in yoga) than any other destination on the planet. 

ALOHA is the perfect culminating event for this unified shift in planetary consciousness harnessing the potent spiritual energies of sacred Kauai. 

Our vision is to convene the most powerful light workers around the world to join us in-person in Kauai or through streaming online and satellite events to push planetary consciousness beyond the tipping point...

Actualizing collective awakening and a new era of  peace on earth in this lifetime.

As a "Global Peace Summit" we will feature talks, workshops, and collaborative councils focused on how to actualize peace from a personal to global scale. 

Our main vision is to create a ripple of peaceful meditation around the world,  helping to establish coherence by synchronistic meditating on peace. We can change the subconsciousness of humanity.

Our ALOHA FESTIVAL is a 3 day event from October 4th-6th, 2019.
Every day at 8am we offer a FREE Peace Meditation that is open to the public and at 12pm & 5pm we are planning on having an ALL Festival group Peace meditation. We’ll be pausing all ALOHA FESTIVAL activities and give our attention to cultivating our Inner Peace and bringing it to the outer world.  Last year we had different spiritual leaders guiding us into meditations on Peace. Our intention is to create a Worldwide Peace Meditation Summit.


A dreamer at heart from Far East Russia, Anya made her perfect home on Kauai and manifested her ideal business as a yoga teacher/founder of Kauai Yoga on the beach.

As a conscious yogi, she meditated and prayed for years on how we can mindfully improve global problems.  An answer came in a meditation guidance vision that showed Anya that peace on Earth is possible if all yogis synchronistically meditate on Peace, eventually it will be achieved! Anya organized the Aloha Kauai Yoga and Peace Festival last year. The main idea is that organizing a Worldwide Synchronistic Peace Meditation will eventually change the human subconsciousness to be coherent!