Anya Love


Anya relishes the balance that yoga brings to the mind, body and spirit, and delights in helping children and adult beginners discover yoga. With over 10 years of teaching experience, she guides her students to listen to and move with their body's natural instincts. Anya was inspired to teach after the birth of her daughter, when Yin Yoga helped her heal from a hip injury and successfully manage pain. A classically trained ballet dancer from Russia, she knows yoga is more than movement, and invites you to the mental & spiritual journey inherent in mindful movement, including feeling connected to your heart and the island of Kauai.
Anya founded her dream company in 2009.

Anya has been envisioning and organizing this magical / Kauai Yoga Festival & Global Peace Meditation Summit for many years. She channelled visions of peace on earth, where people can live in a kind and sustainable environment, where kids can achieve a bright future! This Aloha Festival is an answer to a peace prayer. While meditating at one of the most sacred places on Kauai Anya received an answer. This answer was very simple: have as many light-workers meditate on peace synchronistically at the same time around the world and it will change the subconsciousness of our humankind to a more peaceful vibration
Creating a coherent vibration of peace and balance in the world. Aloha Kauai Yoga and Peace festival is that prayer in motion to bridging people's hearts together to become one! The most ancient of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai acts like an amplifier, as a magical spiritually charged portal to other dimensions. Everyone involved in this Festival has heard that call of Kauai and peace in their hearts! We are building this incredible peaceful version of the human connection through divine grace and in perfect ways!


Asheeliyah Insha

Producer & Co-Founder

Founder of Elemental Movement Arts and Sacred Shakti Dance, Asheeliyah has served as a catalyst for bringing people together since childhood. Since moving to Hawaii in the 2012, she has spearheaded, managed and served in countless community gatherings: Maui Mystic Island Festival, Maui Earth Day, Golden Chalice Palace events on Kauai, Community Healing Temple, Ecstatic Dance Kauai, etc. Her passion for the healing arts continues to inspire action in co-creating transformative containers for deepening human connection.

Lotus Sattva

Development Strategist and Co-founder

Lotus is the founder of SACRED SYNERGY ( an organization uplifting collective well-being through transformational programs that give birth to a new culture inspired by holistic experiences, empowering content, and deep resonant connections. Named an "Ambassador for Change" by Lucidity Festival and Bioneers in 2015, Lotus is pioneering new social frameworks for conscious evolution. She is a certified coach and facilitator offering in-person and virtual support for individuals and groups on the path of awakening to further embody their sovereignty. Lotus supported the start-up strategy, structures and team building for Aloha Festival this winter and has been co-producing conscious events for over a decade. She brings a masters degree and 15+ years of non-profit leadership to this role with an emphasis on cultivating social synergy through cross-pollinating communities for maximum diversity, and empowering mutually beneficial collaboration such as the Ambassador program that engaged dozens of grassroots promoters in helping Aloha grow this first year. Lotus is a passionate mama, dancer, and priestess inspired to meet soul allies ready and willing to cocreate heaven on earth.


Brielle Bataille

Digital Marketing Strategist / Creative Event Consultant

Brielle is the Founder of Manifestation Media ( creative Digital Marketing & Event Planning agency based in Boulder, CO. She has a degree in Entertainment & Events Management and has spent the last 7 years using high level creative digital marketing and social media strategy to build the businesses of many independent companies and events. Her scope of event production experience spans over many roles and departments including: Marketing & Promotions, Hospitality, Security, Human Resources, Logistics, Artist Relations, Food & Beverage, and Merchandise Management. Notable productions Brielle has worked on include: ARISE MUSIC FESTIVAL, SONIC BLOOM FESTIVAL, ENVISION FESTIVAL, DEEP TROPICS FESTIVAL, EUPHORIA MUSIC FESTIVAL, & THE HILL BLOCK PARTY.


Operations Consultant

Organized and engaging international operations manager with experience leading the production of exhibitions, festivals, community programs, fundraisers, training retreats in the US and abroad. A results driven analytical thinker confidently able to manage multiple projects and maintain adaptability. Known for ability to lead teams to focus on planning logistics, development, and project execution.

Rachael is the Creative Director of WORLD CANOPY an organization that produces creative cultural workshops connecting communities through the exchange of skills and ideas. She works remotely for Artspace a community art organization and non-profit (that produces City-Wide Open Studios) where she was previously the Operations Manager. Rachael is a part-time Home Consultant for Airbnb Luxury Retreats on Kauai, Hawaii. For the ALOHA Kauai Yoga Festival & Worldwide Peace Meditation Summit she communicates with community partners and vendors, trains volunteers, shares guidelines and implements operating procedures.


Alexandria Cordero

Alexandria is a 500hr RYT, as well as a certified life coach and holistic nutrition specialist. She has practiced yoga as a healing part of life for over 13 years. She is the Founder of Samsati Yoga : Holistic Lifestyle Experience here on Kauai, HI. Moving to this island has only opened her eyes wider to the mindfulness of travel... hence why Samsati Yoga provides #YOGAofftheMAT & experiences that promote geotourism & conscious choices that enrich the individual, the community, & the island. Kauai teaches to give back, leave a place better than you found it & live with the patience, humility & kindness of ALOHA. You can find Alexandria teaching Kauai Yoga on the Beach, leading workshops & beach cleanup yoga, collaborating with local non-profits, hosting private retreats or adventuring on Wailua River with Samsati's SUP Yoga Experience! Come Play :]