Introducing ALOHA
 The world's first Yoga Culture Festival and Global Peace Summit

Unify with other light-workers from around the world on the sacred island of Kauai September 28-30 2018!

ALOHA offers classes, workshops, and talks throughout the day, high vibrational music, dancing, high integrity shopping, healthy food, a 24-hour world peace meditation and more! We are committed to making this festival inclusive of all cultures and abilities, and accessible for people with different price points and ways to volunteer/receive scholarships so that everyone who is meant to be at this landmark event will be there! It will be family friendly with free admission and many conscious activities for children of all ages. 

ALOHA will encompass all five branches of yoga including: 
Hatha Yoga : Yoga of the body and balance
Raja Yoga : Yoga of meditation and mindfulness
Jnana Yoga : Yoga of wisdom and knowledge
Bhakti Yoga : Yoga of devotion and expression
Karma Yoga : Yoga of service and contribution