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Acharya Shambhu: Shambhu’s heart intention is to serve Shiva (Universal Consciousness) and Shakti (The Energy of Universal Consciousness) by freely offering heart-centric Kundalini Meditation practices.  He has been practicing with The Heart of Consciousness ( for 15 years and was initiated as a teacher in 2014. Shambhu moved to Kauai in 2017 and offers free meditation classes twice a week in Princeville and Kapaa. He can be reached at or via call/text 510-541-5693.

Practicing the 3 Means to Liberation from the Tantraloka (Light on the Tantras)

Spirituality applied to everyday life is where the rubber meets the road. In this workshop we will have a brief discussion (10-15mins) of the Heart as a means to liberation – how to tune into the Heart and how to over time make the Heart our modus operandi in everyday life. Then Shambhu will offer a Heart-based guided meditation (around 30 mins) guiding you through the 3 means to liberation as elucidated in the main opus of non-dual Tantric practices – The Tantraloka: path of effort, path of energy, path of awareness. 

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