Julian Life


Julian will be offering a group healing Sunday afternoon during the Kauai Peace and Yoga Festival.  With a combination of words and sounds he will take you on a journey, re-weaving aspects of ones being back together into a cohesive whole.  This harmonizing process is healing, and brings guidance and insight in a graceful and engaging process.

At age 4, Julian picked up his first instrument, the violin.  This began a lifelong journey with music.  This journey has taken him across continents, learning and growing with vast cultural influences.  After traveling to Japan with a touring group in high school, he witnessed the power of the heart expressing itself through music.  With this awareness, he became focused on learning and honing his skill to bring healing to the world every aspect possible. Today, he offers multi-phonic sound healing that is expressed through his voice as many sounds at once.  This is a leverage point for people in the world, as we must first heal and embody harmonic and integrated consciousness before being able to manifest it in the world around.  In his sound journeys, he uses a variety of elements, including essential oils, crystals, and instruments such as the bodhran, which is a Celtic drum with a deep resounding sound that blends with the harmonics of his voice.  

You can learn more about Julian, schedule a private or group session, purchase downloadable sound healings, and sign up for his newsletter full of healthy inspiration and support at his website: www.JulianLife.com

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