Dafna Ohana


The HeArt of Divine Creation

'In essence, You are a Being of Divine symphony, in concert with All elements of Creation, and in-Tune with the Divine Heart of The One'  ~ The Elders (channeled)

Each one of us is a thread in the fabric of Humanity and a part of One web if Life that is at the Heart of all Creation. Our very Existence and inner impulse propels us to Inner-act with Consciousness, Expand our Being, and Reveal our Divine spark. In our Quest to evolve, we  have been Raising the Earth vibration and opened  new Gateways of expansion for Humanity. Understating the ways our Multidimensional Being is operating in the new Creation potential-field, can assist us in Navigating Consciously the shifting terrain. 

HUmankind expanded in consciousness beyond the edges of our known singular focus and Dimensional reality. As a collective, we have been initiated into a new Creation platform. We have been transitioning from our previous mental material primary structure and survival singular motivation, into a Heart resonance of Divine pulse and Collective intention. 

As vibratory Beings, our daily engagements translates into a frequency that is both reflected in our reality as well as re-sounds into All of Creation. Being part of the One web of Life and Divine Heart, we are orchestrating an exquisite melody that amplifies HUmanity’s Unified intention, anchoring it’s highest potential trajectory upon Gaia and Restoring the Heart of the One. 


Bri Bataille