Burning Bush


Im living in Kauai, Hawaii and am currently a Musician playing and chanting lyrics continually, and Radio DJ on KKCR-FM, Also I am a kayak tour Guide full time on the Wailua River,Plus I am a Non-denominational Minister here on Kauai, marrying Couples together in Sacred union. I grew up in Southern California as a surfer and loving adventures outdoors. I Graduated from Huntington Beach High School were I became a serious Surfer while working at Robert August Surfboard shop.

During the time I spent Growing up there I became involved in theTwelve Tribes of Isreal Organization Started by Dr.Vernon Carrington (Prophet Gad) which gave me inspiration to seek the Most High By reading a chapter a day Scofield study Bible. while being inspired by Jah and my surroundings I started playing Guitar and writing songs of freedom, redemption,Faith and Love.After some College I moved to Santa Cruz, California were I surfed and continued to seek wisdom. In Santa Cruz I found a lot of opened minded people ,and Beautiful Nature every were, Hiking, surfing, Mountain Biking, Blazing, Skating, and Freezing.I had met many friends there that told me about Hawaii particularly Kauai. Loving Santa Cruz but not feeling complete there i moved to Kauai cause My Best friend Geoff from High School moved there with familyI was so close to.

Moving to Kauai was a blessing, I found everything that had been missing from my life, warmth, White sand, rainbows, dolphins and sooo much more! Living here in Kauai I have got involved with Kauai community Radio were I have been a reggae DJ for eight years, not only that but started my own Reggae Band called Burning Bush, that has been playing also for eight years,Also have been commercial Kayak Tour Guide on the Napali coast and Wailua river.I also am now marrying couples in Devotion.I love most of all working with people and I am very out going.I cant sit still. Im always striving to be a better person and be in my higher self.I love diverse environments food, people, talents. Please check out my Reggae Band Profile , search by email for willyjudah@yahoo.com/Also check out my Myspace Willy Judah and The Burning Bush Reggae band, Can book a show with us call 808-651-4635.