Mary Isis


Transformative Visionary Medicine Music

Mary Isis creates a sacred and soul-nurturing space, singing her songs in the spirit of Ceremony- to awaken, heal and empower her listeners. Her songs are lyrical prayers, invocations, affirmations, revelations and celebrations of the sacred, mystical journey of life, inspiring soul remembrance of our purpose for being here. A multi-instrumentalist and with worldly inspiration, she is graceful, light hearted and full of gratitude, inviting the attuned presence of deep listening as well as involved participation in singing. 

She has traveled extensively to share her music and to visit sacred power points of the earth with the intention of being a clear channel to bring through the healing codes of Gaia through her songs. Her debut album, “Nectarian” (2013), receives much praise, bringing healing and transformation to many across the globe. She has since released 6 more albums of heart opening, inspirational music.

Long time Big Island of Hawaii resident, now based in California, she produces her music from her home studio, offers song circles and concerts, assists in healing ceremonies and loves communing with the plant queendom. 

Visit her website to find her complete music collection and learn more about her. You can also stream some of her music on Spotify or Soundcloud.