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A classically trained ballet dancer from Russia and long-time yoga instructor, Anya relishes the balance that yoga brings to the mind, body and spirit.  With over 10 years of teaching experience, Anya guides people from all paths to move in harmony with their bodies.  Anya was inspired to teach after the birth of her daughter.  Yin yoga helped Anya manage the pain post child birth from a hip injury that drugs could not heal.  Yoga is more than movement – the mental & spiritual journey that is tightly woven with the physical.  She delights in helping children and adult beginners discover yoga.  The most important thing to Anya is you leave class feeling connected to your heart and the island of Kauai.



Rev. Amanda Lynne

Founder of Rev. Amanda Lynne, PhD(c), AYT(c), IAYT(c), REACE(c), RYT500(c), CMT, RMT, HNC


Amanda Lynne (Consultant, and Educator) is a Massage & Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and Integral Psychology PhD candidate offering remote and low-residency education, products and consultations in sustainability, spirituality, and creativity.  Her non-profit, Surrender Spiritual Ministries, makes its home-base in Mount Shasta, CA, where clients may join her for individualized personal retreats. A large amount of her time and profits fuel Living Earth International - a Kauai-based non-profit she co-founded and co-directs. She uses Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy to systematically clear the subtle energy of the client's astrology chart with 'Huna-Shamanic' Holy Fire 2 Reiki, Creative Expression 'Astrological-Mandalas' and Ayurvedic Herbalism. 'Embodied Transcendence' is a Christ-centered esoteric theology influenced by tantra, bhakti and kriya yoga. It is an adjunct therapy that leverages Healing Touch, creativity and spiritual direction to heal inter-generational family karma, psycho-somatic issues and C-PTSD/developmental trauma. She is a facilitator of Kauai Yoga Festival.