Nadia Toraman

Nadia Mermaid - Maui Yoga and Dance Shala.jpg

Yoga - Saturday October 5th 11am

Nadia Toraman’s love for sharing the gift of yoga has given her recognition in the Maui community, and globally with her warm, spirited guidance in the classical as well as modern approaches to the practice. Her Maui Yoga and Dance Shala has provided the transformative experience of yoga, dance, and wellness with a variety of offerings at her location in Paia & Wailea for over 20 years. Nadia’s Maui Aloha Yoga is her own special blend of Aloha Spirit often set to acoustic live music. She instructs an alignment based yoga that encourages the purifying of body and mind, builds strength and flexibility, develops one pointed concentration, and uplifts the Spirit in a loving, welcoming environment.


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