A dreamer at heart from Far East Russia, Anya made her perfect home on Kauai and manifested her ideal business as a yoga teacher/founder of Kauai Yoga on the beach.

As a conscious yogi, she meditated and prayed for years on how we can mindfully improve global problems.  An answer came in a meditation guidance vision that showed Anya that peace on Earth is possible if all yogis synchronistically meditate on Peace, eventually it will be achieved! Anya organized the Aloha Kauai Yoga and Peace Festival last year. The main idea is that organizing a Worldwide Synchronistic Peace Meditation will eventually change the human subconsciousness to be coherent!

A classically trained ballet dancer from Russia and long-time yoga instructor, Anya relishes the balance that yoga brings to the mind, body and spirit.  With over 10 years of teaching experience, Anya guides people from all paths to move in harmony with their bodies.  Anya was inspired to teach after the birth of her daughter.  Yin yoga helped Anya manage the pain post child birth from a hip injury that drugs could not heal.  Yoga is more than movement – the mental & spiritual journey that is tightly woven with the physical.  She delights in helping children and adult beginners discover yoga.  The most important thing to Anya is you leave class feeling connected to your heart and the island of Kauai.

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