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Simplicity Love

Simplicity Love is a world traveling, jungle living yogini and Taoist wanderer & priest inspired to teach others how to live in a Conscious State of Choice through Freedom Practices she has developed from her inner and outer adventures.

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Chloe Karoub

Feeling unfulfilled as a D1 collegiate athlete and entrepreneur, Chloe sought out something deeper than material success. Her tireless search led her to the island of Kauai where she began her yoga practice.

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TeachersBri Bataille
Su Wong

Su’s intention and ambition is to inspire others in the same manner she is inspired by the heart of yoga. Being in the present moment, focusing on breath and keeping an “unattached mind” during asana practice is Su’s core principle in class.

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Joanna has been traveling and teaching yoga since 2003. First starting her yoga career in Chicago, she has since moved and help establish yoga communities in Montana, Kaua’i, Hawai’i and Bologna, Italy. 

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Asheeliyah (LMT, RYT) has been teaching since 2010.  She believes that humans have the ability to heal themselves and the planet from the inside out, because of this, embodiment became her primary focus and passion early on in life.

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