Meghan Ganser


Meghan Ganser RYT 500

My stoke for yoga really lit up when I sought an Iyengar-based 500 RYT in 2013 to round out years of Anusara practice, after completing my 200 YTT in 2005. Im passionate about "cracking the code" of physical pain like a detective and asking tough questions with other yogis. My inner nerd loves applying deeper engagement, load-bearing and extension principles within the subtle loops and spirals of a naturally supportive asana practice. I like house music and flow states, especially when experienced together!

Rock Your Shakti Asana Class

What heart quality do you hold to in times of transition and challenge? What physical actions express this same stabilizing quality, while fostering extension, freedom and expression in each asana? We get to link these actions and heart qualities, in an all-levels class designed to take you deeper in your practice, both on and off the mat!

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