Dr. Yogi


Dr Hari Simran Khalsa, D.C. (also known as DrYogi) has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Mediation for over 35 years, and has been practicing Chiropractic since 1994. His combined experience of Yoga partnered with his practical chiropractic knowledge and expertise brings a balanced perspective across eastern and western philosophies into his teaching. He is a senior Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Lead Teacher Trainer for KRI Kundalini Yoga Levels 1 and 2 Teacher Training. He is currently completing his Level 3 certification work. Students from around the world have sought out his classes in Sat Nam Rasayan, the ancient healing art of Kundalini Yoga. He has authored a book, The Hue man: In Form & Function and 2 Therapeutic Gong CDs. For many years, he taught yoga and meditation to underprivileged individuals in prisons, schools, and hospitals, making these tools accessible where they are not typically found. He has dedicated his heart and soul to helping students to see the teacher inside and to empower their lives. In 2014, after many years of visiting Kauai, he moved to the island with his wife, Sat Rattan. He is on the board of KKCR Radio and hosts the show Noodles. He also enjoys swimming, diving and walking his dog.

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