Rob Don

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Rob Don is a Yoga Teacher and Musician from Los Angeles CA. He began exploring Yoga and mindbody practice at age 19 to help heal from wrist issues that came from playing music. As his physical body began to change and develop, the internal shifts that were going on were even more profound.

"As I began to consistently check-in and become more sensitive to what was going on inside me, the way I related to the outer world also began to change... By taking responsibility for our own vibration and the impact it has on the collective consciousness, we are making a difference toward a more peaceful humanity." 

Rob's approach to Yoga is simple and breath-centered making it accessible to anyone who is sincerely interested. He emphasizes present moment awareness, listening to and trusting the bodies innate intelligence, and cultivating an authentic sense of peace within yourself. His current focus is bringing Yoga to communities that do not have access to it.

To learn more, check out Rob Don Yoga on Youtube at: Rob Don Yoga or Instagram: Rob Guilmette (@robdonyoga) • Instagram photos and videos

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