Alistair Sweeney

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Journey Beyond Inner Wounds

Not all wounds bleed. Unresolved inner wounds (usually as a result of past traumas) creates subtle impressions in the body-mind. Without allowing this inner turmoil to be fully expressed, these can easily manifest into restlessness, tension and dis-ease. If continued to be ignored, suppressing this pain becomes more and more tricky, often resulting in negative and destructive beliefs, thoughts and behaviors towards ourselves and others. By developing increased awareness of our body-mind through specific Yoga practices, we can begin to create a healthier relationship towards our suffering, whilst at the same time, becoming more conscious of our own inner power to promote self-healing and transformation.

Originally from Aotearoa (New Zealand), Alistair served in the Army for over a decade and now specializes in teaching Yoga to Veterans and First Responders as well as members of their families dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). His passion is facilitating people’s journey beyond their inner wounds towards greater inner peace. Based on the clinically proven and empirically informed Mindful Yoga Therapy program, Alistair aims to co-create a space where people feel comfortable acknowledging their often-suppressed inner wounds whilst re-connecting them with their innate self-healing power within.

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