Jack Costanzo


With a traveler's heart, to explore and stretch my own boundaries was my key motivation to initiate my yogi path. Nature dweller, I was home in Kaua'i since first contact. Sharing these life experiences which I treasure most is everlasting satisfaction for me.

From a tantric lineage and Samkhya foundations my personal yoga practice and study has always been inspired by Shiva - Shakti relationship and nature. The way of Tao and Zen teachings would later bring my awareness to the laws of balance. Finally with Acro-Yoga I see a fun and powerful symbioses between balance and connection with one another. One of my greatest joys is to see new doors opening and support exploration. With a simple set of moves and helpful guidelines I seek to inspire those who never tried Acro-Yoga, and to solidify the foundation of the occasional practitioner so they can deepen their own experience on a safe and wise manner.

Acro-yoga is so engaging, the more you practice, the more you want to explore. It's an upward spiral. Whenever I'm practicing, please feel free to approach and engage, that's my pleasure!