Simplicity Love


Big Little Shifts

Have you ever noticed that big shifts are usually small adjustments?  A repositioned trikonasana can at first seem to crush the breath. And sitting higher on your sit bones in navasana can shake your entire body.  Teeny-tiny two-millimeter shifts are sometimes cataclysmic! Our neighbor island, Big Island is going through the wringer right now with an erupting volcano.

So how to Be in a changing environment?  Nature shows us everything. Be like a gushing waterfall full of abandon as you vinyasa by using the momentum that is already present. Or Be like a feather floating down the stream so lightly defying gravity.  Breath, bandas, intention and vayus move us already. All we have to do is get out of the way to return to life's natural flow. All things eventually return to balance.

This workshop-styled class will be taught where asanas will be deconstructed into their lowest integral foundation, approaching movement with more ease, grace and integrity for deepening inner and outer experiences.  Hands on adjustments, examining movement and discussing the process will give participants insights to move beyond current patterns into that next-level practice using lesser-known Yogic discernments. Class will be physically challenging organic flow, based on participants’ strengths and weaknesses.

The ability to adjust to change determines how far you’ll climb up the one mountain.
Class is excellent for yoga teachers and students alike.

Simplicity Love is a world traveling, jungle living yogini and Taoist wanderer & priest inspired to teach others how to live in a Conscious State of Choice through Freedom Practices she has developed from her inner and outer adventures. Combining her gifts of meditation, devotion, and spiritual study with her love of travel and bohemian adventure, Simplicity Love created Yoga on the Verge as a platform to share with others the tools, methods and philosophy she has honed to live an aware, vibrant and free life. Working with all levels from beginner to advanced, Simplicity Love’s classes include unique sequencing, standard & non-traditional breath work, humor and hands on adjustments with an overall focus on Healing Awareness. Her classes retain the spiritual component of yoga that is often compromised in American yoga classrooms, making real life connections though one’s own breath, body, emotions, mind and spirit through the activities in the class.  An experienced teacher for 20 years, Simplicity teaches Master Classes and is E-RYT 500, RCYT® and has a RCYS® called Divine Kids Yoga.

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